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Custard Powder 2kg Lady B

Custard Lady B 2kg


Vitalis Malt 330ml

Vitalis dark malt is an invigorating and nutritious dark malt drink made from natural ingredients that give you moment vitality and numerous advantages...


Golden Morn 550g ( With Soya)

Golden Morn - Maize Cereal with Soya 550g


Golden Morn 1kg

Golden Morn - Maize Cereal 1 Kg


Brown Ogi/Pap/Akamu Flour

Brown Ogi,Pap,Akamu Flour 325g


Custard Powder

"Me" Custard Powder + Milk -500g


Nido Milk

NIDO Milk 1.8kg


Coconut Oil 500ml

Coconut Oil - Drink 500ml


Peak Milk

Peak Milk Powder - 400g



Cerelac Wheat 400g


Milo Drink 1kg

Milo Drink 1Kg


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