African Food

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Vitalis Malt 330ml

Vitalis dark malt is an invigorating and nutritious dark malt drink made from natural ingredients that give you moment vitality and numerous advantages...


African Queen Titus Sardine 125g

African Queen Titus Sardine 125g


Golden Morn 550g ( With Soya)

Golden Morn - Maize Cereal with Soya 550g


Poundo Iyan Flour 500g

Poundo Iyan Four 500g


Maggi Star /20 cubes

Maggi Star 20 cubes from Nigeria


Pepper Soup Mix 80g

Pepper Soup Mix


Brown Beans (Oloyin/Honey) 150g

Ewa Oloyin. … Likewise called Nigerian brown beans or Nigerian sweet beans..


Poundo Iyan Flour 900g

Poundo Iyan Four 900g


Custard Powder 2kg Lady B

Custard Lady B 2kg


Dried Bitter leaf 50g

Dried Bitter leaf 50g


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