Royalty Cream Crackers

Royalty Cream Crackers. Crisp and Tasty Cream Crackers. May be eaten alone or your special topping. A Healthier snack for the entire family.



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Weight 200 (g)
Quantity 128
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Width 7.9 (cm)
Height 5.5 (cm)
Length 3.2 (cm)
Much just like the famous Jacobs Cream Crackers but cheaper, the Royalty Cream Crackers are an ideal snack food. Typically consumed with cheese or perhaps a preserve, Royalty Cream Crackers deliver a delectable yet cheap snacking experience



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  4. tessy gold

    pls how can i get this yam?

    • afrishoponline

      You can order it via our website. Link – It will get to you in 3-5 business working days. Delivery depends on your area of Location. Kindly email us via our email id; Info @ or call us on +380631990686 for further information.

      We look forward to processing your orders.

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